It’s always a great day when you get your braces, attachments or appliances removed!  After this, you are in the retention phase of your orthodontic treatment.  This is included in your original treatment fee and will extend for approximately one year.

Teeth have a memory and often try to move back to their original positions.  Retainers are required to keep your teeth in their new positions.  Failure to follow your retention phase instructions can lead to unwanted tooth movement or relapse.

Retainer Instructions:

  • Wear your removable retainer every night (at bedtime) unless otherwise instructed.
  • Clean your retainer with cold water, toothpaste and a toothbrush.  DO NOT USE HOT WATER!
  • Keep your removable retainer in its case when you are not wearing it.
  • Maintain your scheduled retention appointments.
  • Bring your retainer(s) to all retention appointments
  • Brush and floss around your permanent wire as instructed .
  • Call the office asap in the event of a lost, broken or ill-fitting retainer.