Oral Hygiene


We recommend brushing after every meal. An electric toothbrush is the most effective way to ensure the most thorough cleaning experience of your teeth and orthodontic appliances. However, with the proper technique any soft bristle brush will do. Here’s a how-to:


Superfloss is a stiff-ended floss thread. The stiff end makes it easy to thread it between your braces so you can fully floss between each pair of teeth. Plackers are also a great tool as they are specifically designed to fit between the wire and your teeth. See here: https://bit.ly/2LAJWlD and here https://bit.ly/2CAyjrW


After thoroughly flossing, followed by brushing, we recommend using a cavity fighting mouthwash once or twice per day. Swish for 30-45 seconds and spit out. No rinsing.


A WaterPik can be used to help remove excess plaque and food but it is not a substitute for flossing. The WaterPik is sometimes considered simple and fast to use as part of your daily oral hygiene routine.